The grocery stores units ensure that fruits and vegetables are displayed regularly. You can make your presentation of your products much more stylish and modern with the glazed benches that make it easy for customers to choose. At the beginning of the best materials to be used in grocery units are mdf, mdflam, chipboard, iron, steel, aluminum, plastic, plexi, mica. Perforated green boxes designed to allow the flow of water over your products allows the fruits and vegetables to remain undisturbed for a longer period of time. Taking into account the cleanliness that the markets place on the grocery units, we are designing all grocery stores units so that they can be washed.

Modular grocery racks can be stocked on the upper side of the product diagnostics and on the lower side with the covered area. In this way, you can make the most efficient use of space in the green section. We can offer a grocery unit section according to the shape of your grocery store. Your corner can be solved with corner type departments in such area. If this area is a colon, you can cover it as a section or you can install a grove section on the bottom of the column. Middle grocery stores units are an ideal choice for grocery store owners who want to benefit from the central area. Depending on what they need in this area, they can also opt for mobile grocery stores systems. The wheeled structure underneath the benches allows you to change your grocery stores as you wish.

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