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About Us

Eren Çelik Wooden And Metal Moble Company was established in 1980 by his chairman Kemal EREN in a 40 m2 area in Tahtakale Mercan location in Istanbul. Today wooden furniture production in Bayrampaşa has reached to 6500 m2 covered area, while metal production reached to 20.000 m2 covered area in his new production complex in Dilovası, Kocaeli. While our company closely follows developments in the world, he started to give directions to developments as well. By speeding up works on research and development, we already prepaired todays success ground from yesterday and started to work for tomorrows success from today. With all necessary product quality certifications our company has proved his speed, reliabilty. Our company is advancing by not compromising on honesty principle and customer satisfaction.

Our staff proud of his promise, who all adopted Total Quality Management principles and say "we will carry"

Our Mission

In the light of our company culture and core values are develop our employees to company commitment to winning corporate identity to work in a peaceful working environment, reveal their ability to create value and create high-performing and human resource policies to enable them to provide continuous to increase.

Developing our human resources, depending on the laws and ethical values in our country we contribute to the application and be pioneer in our sector to develop Human Resources Management System are among the most important goals for us .

We believe that we need to invest in quality to achieve our corporate values, priorities and employees to ensure our success.

Our Vision

As one of the largest companies in the sector in Turkey for 36 years and brought his experience with ISO 9001 criteria’s, making production by protecting  the environment, value and services and creating differences in approach is to provide a permanent rule. We contribute to the development of the region with new investments and constantly enterprising, without compromising the goals in our competitive sector and work with continuous quality.

Respect For Nature

Our Giant solar power plant has installed Dilovası facility and, in practice so far we made the largest and widest and most advanced "solar roof" in Turkey is defined as “Roof of the Turkey”. Covering an area of 4000 m2 of solar energy power plant provides an average of 750 kW energy. Annual production capacity 910 000 kW electricity plants meet all the energy needs of our company. We save 710 trees per year with solar energy and also avoid 445.200 kg of carbon emissions. In this way, we are continuing with all speed production without harming the environment.