Another cabinet model, which is realized to be needed more and more with the increasing number of shopping centers, is also the escrow cabinets. When we look at one of today’s important problems; we see that shopping centers can not live on the doom of shopping when there is no escrow closet where they can put their prodigious items. For this reason the escrow cabinets provide a lot of comfort in such places.

Near the shopping centers; sports halls, supermarkets and many other similar establishments, and for the safety of the operator, safety deposit boxes are used. Escrow cabinets are turning these businesses into active visitors, increasing their preference to come to the office even when they are not with their private vehicles.

Safety cabinets cabinets also known as safety cupboards are producd in 5, 6, 10 and 15 pcs. You can contact us at our live support section below or on 0262 722 94 37 for further information on cabinets prices and measures.

Safety Cabinet Models

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