It is the ideal shelf system to store products that are not too heavy and do not take up a lot of space with light and medium duty shelving systems. It can adapt to any kind of storage space thanks to its easily adjustable eye gaps. A strong and rigid material is used in this system. Our products are produced from steel. Light and medium duty shelving systems, especially preferred by automotive, wholesalers, supermarkets, electronics, spare parts manufacturers and sellers, building materials and logistics companies, can easily be rearranged and expanded.

Depending on your storage space you can choose between different options such as high-altitude shelf systems, low-altitude shelf systems, platform shelves. In this way you can meet your need for light or medium duty shelves according to the size and shape of your storage space. Light and medium duty shelving systems provide easy access to your products and give your storage space a stylish look. Light and medium duty rack systems can be used with other rack systems. It can be converted into mezzanine (deck) platforms in storage environments with high altitude.

Light and Medium Duty Rack Applications

Easy access to your products & stylish look to your storage space.
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