The drive-in racking system is one of the most useful rack systems that allows entry into the shelf system, providing maximum storage space and volume utilization. Spouses provide great advantages by using efficient space for stocking a large number of palette products of the same type. So we can say that one of the ideal storage racking systems is the rack system that can be inserted into it.

If we were to take advantage of the drive-in racking system, we could first say that it makes available space up to 85% more efficient. While maximizing the use of space, it also minimizes the aisles between the shelves. At the same time, the inputs and outputs of the products can be monitored easily. The loading channels in the drive-in rack system also allow for storage of different types of products.

In this type of racking systems, one side can access the shelf channels; but if desired the application can be added to the shelf channels to provide double entry and exit. This racking system, which can be accessed from both sides, is called drive-through shelf system. Such an additional application to the drive-in racking system is a great advantage.

Where there are products that need to be stored under controllable temperature such as ice cream stores and refrigerated warehouses, drive-in racking systems can be used and provide great convenience.

Drive-In Rack Applications

Reduce the aisle loading and unloading time,
Have a high density storage volume!